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Ardell Double Up 205

SKU AD-61422
by Ardell
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• DOUBLE UP 205 STYLE: Ardell Double Up 205 is designed to give a fuller, more dramatic appearance to your eyes, perfect for any occasion.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from 100% sterilized human hair, these lashes are both lightweight and comfortable, providing you with a natural and seamless look.

• EASY APPLICATION: The flexible lash band allows for a stress-free application, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users alike.

• REUSABLE: Ardell’s Double Up 205 lashes can be reused multiple times with proper care and maintenance, giving you a cost-effective and environmentally friendly beauty solution.

• TRUSTED BRAND: Ardell is a well-loved brand in the beauty industry, known for its high-quality and affordable false eyelashes that cater to a wide range of styles and preferences.

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SKU: AD-61422 | UPC: 74764471185

Ardell Double Up 205 Description

Ardell Double Up 205

Product Features:

  • Dense layers of lashes
  • Natural, eye-enhancing look
  • Reusable and comfortable
  • Easy-to-apply strip lashes

Experience a bold, attention-grabbing look with the Ardell Double Up 205. These lashes are known for their dense layers that amplify your natural beauty and accentuate your eyes for a mesmerizing effect. Perfect for any occasion, they come with an easy-to-apply strip, ensuring a breezy application process even for beginners.

While comfort is a significant element in the Ardell Double Up 205, durability is not compromised. They are made to be both comfortable and long-lasting, so you can reuse them multiple times. Simply clean them gently after each use, and they're ready to be part of your beauty routine again.

About Ardell:

Ardell is a reference in the beauty industry, known worldwide for their high-quality and affordable false eyelashes. The brand has remained dedicated to its promise of delivering unparalleled quality to create beautiful, unforgettable looks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply the Ardell Double Up 205 lashes?
Simply align the lash strip with your natural lash line, trim any excess, apply a thin line of adhesive, and press onto your lash line.
Can these lashes be reused?
Yes, with gentle cleaning after each use, the lashes can be reused multiple times.
Is there an adhesive included with the lashes?
Commonly, Ardell lashes are sold separately from the adhesive. You may choose to buy Ardell's recommended adhesive or any other lash glue that works for you.
Are these lashes safe for sensitive eyes?
Ardell lashes are made with high-quality materials that are generally safe for use. However, people with specific allergies or severe sensitivity should always perform a patch test first.