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Ardell Edgy Lash 401

SKU AD-61466
by Ardell
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• HIGH-QUALITY ARDELL BRAND: Ardell Edgy Lash 401 is a reliable, trusted choice in the world of false eyelashes, ensuring a beautiful, professional look.

• STUNNING EDGY STYLE: The unique design of these lashes provides an eye-catching, edgy appearance that will enhance any makeup look and make your eyes stand out.

• EASY APPLICATION: The flexible lash band allows for effortless application, even for beginners, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day or night.

• REUSABLE & DURABLE: Ardell Edgy Lash 401 is made from premium materials, allowing for multiple uses without compromising the quality or stunning appearance.

• PERFECT FOR SPECIAL EVENTS: These gorgeous false eyelashes are ideal for special occasions, photo shoots, or simply adding extra glamour to your everyday look.

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SKU: AD-61466 | UPC: 74764614667

Ardell Edgy Lash 401

  • Full volume, medium length
  • Edgy lift and staggered length
  • Almond shaped lash
  • Black color

Product Description:

Add instant intensity to your eyes with the striking Ardell Edgy Lash 401. Designed with full volume and medium length, they’re perfect for making a bold statement. These lashes feature an edgy lift to elevate your eye look, with a unique staggered length for a perfectly messy finish. The almond-shaped design flatters all eye shapes, while the black color adds depth and drama to your look. With Ardell's Edgy Lash 401, daringly bold lashes are just a blink away.

About Ardell:

Ardell is a leading line of premium lash products, boasting an extensive portfolio across a broad range of styles. Since 1971, they have been creating meticulously handcrafted lashes for lash enthusiasts and beauty professionals alike. Known for quality, style, and affordability, Ardell is devoted to empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Ardell's mission statements to focus on innovation, remaining at the forefront of changes in fashion and beauty trends, ensure that they are a leading industry expert in the provision of the best, on-trend lash products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the Ardell Edgy Lash 401 reusable?

    Yes, with proper care, Ardell Edgy Lash 401 can be reused multiple times.

  • Is glue included with the lashes?

    No, lash adhesive is not included and would need to be purchased separately.

  • Are these lashes suitable for all eye shapes?

    Absolutely, the almond-shaped design of the Ardell Edgy Lash 401 makes them suitable for all eye shapes.