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Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown

SKU AD-65051
by Ardell
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• KNOT-FREE DESIGN: Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown False Eyelashes offer a comfortable and natural-looking wear, thanks to their knot-free design.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Ardell, a renowned brand in the beauty industry, uses premium quality synthetic fibers to ensure that their false eyelashes are soft, lightweight, and long-lasting.

• EASY APPLICATION: These false eyelashes are designed for a hassle-free application, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned professionals to enhance their eye makeup.

• VERSATILE STYLE: The short brown lashes effortlessly blend in with your natural lashes, making them perfect for various eye shapes and makeup looks.

• REUSABLE LASHES: Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown False Eyelashes can be used multiple times with proper care, saving you money and ensuring you always have a fabulous look at your fingertips.

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SKU: AD-65051 | UPC: 74764650511

Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown

  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to apply with a unique knotted design
  • Perfectly blends with natural lashes for a flawless look
  • Best for incredible volume and professional finish
  • Offers a rich short brown color that enhances your natural beauty

Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown is a must-have accessory for anyone aiming to achieve a captivating and appealing eye look. With a unique knotted design, these individual lashes ensure not only secure adhesion but also an incredibly natural finish. As a result, these lashes deliver astounding volume that will no doubt turn heads. Plus, their tantalizing short brown shade is sure to enrich your natural beauty. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or a lash enthusiast, Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown has got you covered!

Ardell is a reputable producer of professional-grade beauty products that deliver quality and reliability. Known for their innovative designs and excellent functionality, Ardell products blend seamlessly with your natural aesthetic to enhance your beauty. Formulated with the utmost care and expertise, their products promise long-lasting effects, satisfying even the most discerning customers. Ardell believes in making beauty accessible, that's why they offer top-notch beauty solutions at market-competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often can I reuse these lashes?

Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown lashes have an incredible lifespan with proper care. Though individual results can vary, these lashes are generally reusable and can last from several days to a few weeks with appropriate maintenance.

2. Can I apply them with any adhesive?

For best results, it's recommended to use Ardell's lash adhesive, which is specially designed to offer a secure and lasting hold. However, most high-quality lash glues work just as well.

3. How do I remove the lashes?

Easily detach the lashes by dabbing a cotton ball soaked in a oil-based makeup remover onto the lash line. Ensure to be gentle during removal to avoid possible eye or lash harm.

4. Can the Ardell Indivlash Kntfree Short Brown be trimmed?

Yes, they can be trimmed to match your desired length or style. The lashes are flexible and customizable to suit your preferences.

5. Are these lashes suitable for daily wear?

Absolutely. The lashes are made to be resilient and comfortable, making them ideal for everyday use.