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Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash)

SKU AD-61220
by Ardell
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• NATURAL-LOOKING VOLUME: Aredell Natlash 112 Brown enhances your lower lashes, providing a natural and fuller appearance.
• HIGH-QUALITY BRAND: Ardell is a trusted and reputable brand, known for their high-quality False Eyelashes.
• EASY APPLICATION: These lashes are designed for easy and comfortable application, even for those who are new to using false eyelashes.
• SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS: The versatile design of Aredell Natlash 112 Brown makes these lashes perfect for daily wear, special events, or a night out.
• SECURE AND LONG-LASTING: Ardell's False Eyelashes remain securely in place throughout the day, ensuring you feel confident and look beautiful from morning till night.

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SKU: AD-61220 | UPC: 74764612205

Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash)

Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash)

Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash)
  • Brand: Ardell
  • Color: Brown
  • Style: 112 (Lower Lash)
  • Use: Completing eye makeup
  • Ease of Application: High

Aredell Natlash 112 Brown is a premium lower lash product designed to perfect your eye makeup look. As part of our well-reputed Ardell product line, this lower lash pair is guaranteed to enhance your natural beauty while maintaining a glamorous aesthetic.

With Aredell Natlash 112 Brown, you can finally forget about the discomfort typically caused by inferior lash products. Its design is optimized to fit easily into your makeup routine without irritating or weighing down your lower lash line. Plus, its striking brown hue is perfect for adding a subtle yet noticeable depth.

About The Brand - Ardell

Established in 1971, Ardell has dedicated its efforts towards crafting quality faux lashes that meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Understanding the importance of individuality, the brand continually presents unique products that blend both style and durability.

Ardell believes in the power of self-expression and aims to bring a sense of creativity into everyone’s daily life. Their focus is on reinventing beauty standards and making high-quality lashes accessible to all. The Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash) is a testament to their commitment to quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply the Aredell Natlash 112 Brown (Lower Lash)?

Applying the Aredell Natlash 112 Brown is simple. Ensure your skin is clean and oil-free. Take the lash from the box, apply a thin layer of lash adhesive along the band and wait a few seconds. Then, affix it to your lower lash line carefully.

2. Are these lashes reusable?

Yes, with proper care and storage, you can get multiple wears out of your Aredell Natlash 112 Brown.

3. Can I wear Aredell Natlash 112 Brown with contact lenses?

Yes, the Aredell Natlash 112 Brown is safe for use with contact lenses.

4. How do I remove the lashes safely?

To remove the lashes, gently peel off the corners and pull the band off. Cleanse with a makeup remover and store in the original casing.