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Cella Shaving Cream 150Ml Almond

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by Cella
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• ALMOND SCENT: Indulge in the luxurious aroma of Almond while using Cella Shaving Cream, providing a pleasant shaving experience.

• MOISTURIZING FORMULA: Our rich shaving cream is formulated to provide excellent glide and cushion, moisturizing your skin as you shave, leaving it soft and smooth.

• EASY TO LATHER: Cella Shaving Cream lathers easily with a shaving brush or your hands, creating a rich, creamy foam for a comfortable shave.

• LONG-LASTING TUBE: The 150ml tube offers plenty of product, ensuring you have enough shaving cream for extended periods and countless shaves.

• BY CELLAA TRUSTED BRAND: Cella is a well-known brand that guarantees high quality shaving products, providing you with an unrivaled grooming experience.

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SKU: WJ-57061 | UPC: 8001117570617

Cella Shaving Cream 150Ml Almond Product Key Features:
  • Rich Lather: Cella Shaving Cream 150Ml Almond forms a thick, foamy lather that cushions your skin from the razor's blade.
  • Soothing Formula: The almond-infused formulation, not only moisturises and nourishes your skin but also provides a soothing sensation.
  • Long-Lasting: The 150ml container promises extended usage, ensuring you have ample shaving cream for numerous shaves.
  • Classic Italian Brand: Cella is a celebrated Italian brand known for its quality shaving products since 1899.
  • Rich Aroma: Features a distinctive almond aroma to enhance your shaving experience, leaving your skin softly fragranced.
  • Suitable for all skin types: The gentle formula makes it suitable for all skin types.
Product Description

Experience a traditional, smooth, and comfortable shave with the Cella Shaving Cream 150ml Almond. This luxurious, creamy lather softens the beard effectively for easier shaving and helps to protect the skin from irritation and razor burn. Infused with a refreshing almond fragrance, it leaves the skin feeling deeply nourished, moisturised, and pleasantly perfumed after every shave.

The rich, creamy formula of Cella Shaving Cream features premium ingredients that ensure a smooth, comfortable shave. The sweet almond oil provides extra moisture that soothes and strengthens the skin. This indulgent shave cream transforms your daily shaving routine into a pleasurable experience.

Whether you have thick, coarse hair or delicate, sensitive skin, Cella's centuries-old recipe can provide a shave that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, comfortable, and pleasantly scented. Absolute comfort and a luxurious shaving experience are guaranteed with each use of the Cella Shaving Cream 150ml Almond.

About the Brand

Cella Milano is an Italian brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1899. They have a steadfast commitment to creating high-quality men's grooming products. Celebrated for their craftsmanship, Cella offers a timeless shaving experience. Cella products are well-loved for their nourishing ingredients, classic packaging, and pleasant fragrances. Their traditional Italian shaving products continue to satisfy customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Is this Cella Shaving Cream meant for all skin types?
    Yes, this Cella Shaving Cream's gentle formula with moisturising and emollient properties makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  2. Does this shaving cream have a fragrance?
    Yes, Cella Shaving Cream 150ml Almond has a pleasant, refreshing almond fragrance.
  3. How should I use this shaving cream?
    Moisten the brush with warm water and apply a dollop of Cella Shaving Cream. Lather directly on your face in circular motions until a rich, silky cream forms. Proceed with shaving.