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Hot Springs Gift Set

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• HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Colorado Aromatics Hot Springs Gift Set uses farm-to-skin botanicals known for their aromatic and skin care properties, ensuring the highest quality for your relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

• WIDE VARIETY OF BATH SOAKS: This gift set includes an assortment of bath soak formulas, each with its own unique blend of herbs, essential oils, and salts to cater to your specific relaxation needs.

• THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: Each bath soak is designed to target different issues such as muscle relief, stress reduction, and skin hydration, creating a truly therapeutic experience for both body and mind.

• ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: By sourcing locally grown and organic ingredients, Colorado Aromatics ensures an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your self-care needs, helping to support biodiversity and conserve resources.

• PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Elegantly packaged and thoughtfully curated, the Hot Springs Gift Set makes an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, offering a luxurious bath soak experience for your friends and loved ones.

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![Hot Springs Gift Set](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0503/2928/8857/files/hotsprings_box.jpg?v=1703038391 "Hot Springs Gift Set") ## Product Details - **Product Title**: Hot Springs Gift Set - **Brand**: Colorado Aromatics - **Keywords**: Bath Soak ## Features of the Colorado Aromatics Hot Springs Gift Set - Contains **all-natural skin healing products** that draw inspiration from traditional balneotherapy - **Crafted with farm-grown herbs** that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties - Spa-styled set for the ultimate **relaxation and rejuvenation** experience - Enriched with **highly nourishing and soothing ingredients** for optimum skin health ## Full Product Description Immerse yourself in the healing waters of a hot spring without stepping out of your home with the Colorado Aromatics Hot Springs Gift Set. The **Hot Springs Gift Set** transports the therapeutic benefits of hot springs to your personal care routine. Curated with **love and care**, this set is designed to mimic the healing properties of mineral-rich hot springs waters, known for their ability to detoxify, soothe and heal the skin. Bath Soak, the hero ingredient, comes laden with raw earth elements that not only detoxify your skin but also lend a soft, glowy finish. All products are crafted with **premium, farm-grown herbs**. Colorado Aromatics cultivates its herbs at an altitude, hence each product benefits from the high antioxidant activity because of the intense ultraviolet light at Colorado's high elevation. These **antioxidant-rich herbs** are known to reduce inflammation and repair environmental and aging damage to achieve healthier-looking skin. Get ready for a bath that leaves your skin feeling intensely nourished, delicately scented and uber-relaxed, akin to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. ## About the Brand – Colorado Aromatics Colorado Aromatics is a brand known for its **scientific approach to skin care** and the utilization of **powerful, natural ingredients**. They grow herbs on their Certified Naturally Grown farm at high altitude in Colorado to get the most potent, antioxidant-rich extracts for their products. Through extensive research in the field of biochemistry and herbs, Colorado Aromatics delivers **efficient and science-backed skincare solutions**. ## Frequently Asked Questions **Q: Is the Hot Springs Gift Set natural and organic?** A: Yes, the Hot Springs Gift Set is made with natural ingredients cultivated on Colorado Aromatics' Certified Naturally Grown farm. **Q: Is the Hot Springs Gift Set suitable for all skin types?** A: Yes, the ingredients aim to be gentle and nourishing, making the product suitable for all skin types. **Q: Does the Hot Springs Gift Set contain fragrance?** A: The Hot Springs Gift Set contains a mild, natural fragrance derived from the herbs infused in the formula. **Q: Can I use the Hot Springs Gift Set every day?** A: Yes, the natural, gentle formula is designed to nurture your skin daily. **Q: Where is this gift set made?** A: The Hot Springs Gift Set is made in Colorado, USA.