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Kiepe Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor

SKU KPE-2433-6
by Kiepe
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• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Kiepe Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor is specifically designed to provide a comfortable grip while allowing you to work with precision and ease.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from premium stainless steel, this cutting scissor offers excellent durability, ensuring a long-lasting performance for professional barbers and stylists.

• SHARP EDGES: The sharp edges on this 6-inch cutting scissor make clean, precise cuts easy to achieve, allowing you to work efficiently and effortlessly to create a variety of hairstyles.

• VERSATILE USE: Suitable for professional barbers, hairdressers, and home use, this cutting scissor will cater to all your hair cutting needs while delivering excellent performance every time.

• TRUSTED BRAND: Manufactured by the renowned haircare brand KIEPE, this scissor offers the assurance of quality and excellence, ensuring you have a reliable tool to enhance your barbering skills.

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SKU: KPE-2433-6 | UPC: 8008981004361

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures a comfortable and balanced grip for ease of use.
  • 6 Inch Blade: Perfect length for precise and detailed cutting.
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel: Built to last with excellent resilience and sharpness.
  • Studio Style Relax: Offers a professional, chic look and feel.
  • From Brand KIEPE: Trusted worldwide for superior design and quality.
  • Product Description:

    Experience the convenience, precision, and style that comes with using the KIEPE Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor. Thanks to its ergonomic make and premium stainless steel construction, this scissor guarantees long-lasting performance and superb ease of use. The blades are finely honed to an optimal cutting angle ensuring each snip is precise and effortless.

    With its 6-inch length, these scissors are perfect for hair professionals seeking top-quality tools in their craft. These scissors feature a unique Studio Style Relax design that adds a hint of sophistication to your collection.

    Its versatility, efficiency, and chic design make it a great option for professional hairdressers, tailors, or simply anyone needing a quality pair of scissors. This is why KIEPE is a name trusted around the globe. The "Relax" in the name doesn't only symbolize the comfortable grip but also the smooth, stress-free performance it promises.

    About the Brand:

    For years, KIEPE has kept up a reputation as a world-leading purveyor of top-tier professional cutting tools. The brand is built on principles of quality, necessity, and excellent craftsmanship- three qualities that are evident in the KIEPE Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor.

    With a focus on meeting market needs, KIEPE commits to pushing the boundaries of design, striving for innovation and greater customer satisfaction. Every KIEPE product is thus an emblem of superb craftsmanship and innovative design.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Question: What are these scissors best used for?
  • Answer: The KIEPE Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor is a versatile tool mostly utilized by professional hairdressers, tailors, or hobbyists for detailed and precise cutting tasks.

  • Question: What is the length of the scissor blades?
  • Answer: The blades of the KIEPE Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissor measure 6 inches, making it ideal for precision cuts.

  • Question: Are these scissors suitable for left-handed users?
  • Answer: Yes, the ergonomic design takes into account both right and left-handed users. Therefore it provides a comfortable grip for all.

  • Question: Can I use this for heavy-duty cutting?
  • Answer: The KIEPE Studio Style Relax Ergonomic 6 Inch Cutting Scissors are constructed with premium quality stainless steel suitable for various cutting tasks. However, for extremely heavy duty tasks, it is advisable to utilize a pair specifically designed for such.