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Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set Graffiti Spray 1.7 Oz BC-50-MIX5-S

by Marmara
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• HIGH-QUALITY SHAVING & GROOMING: Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set offers a premium grooming experience with its high-quality products, perfect for maintaining that smooth and well-groomed look.

• TRAVEL-FRIENDLY GRAFFITI SPRAY: The 1.7 Oz BC-50-MIX5-S Graffiti Spray bottles come in a compact and convenient size, making it easy to carry with you on your travels and adventures.

• VARIETY OF SCENTS: This Marmara Barber set includes five different scents, offering a diverse range of fragrances to suit your personal preferences and keep you feeling fresh and confident.

• EASY APPLICATION: The graffiti spray is designed for effortless and mess-free application, allowing you to easily maintain a clean and polished appearance wherever you go.

• PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set makes for an excellent gift for friends, family, or loved ones who enjoy staying sharp and groomed, both at home and while exploring the world.

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SKU: BC-50-MIX5-S | UPC: 707033773858

Bullet Points

  • Convenient travel set featuring five different fragrances
  • Graffiti spray design adds a stylish touch
  • Comes in a compact 50 ml bottle
  • Each fragrance offers a unique scent experience
  • Perfect for on-the-go use or as a gift

Introducing the Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set Graffiti Spray. This innovative travel set brings together five different fragrances in one compact and stylish package. Whether you're constantly on the move or looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, this travel set is sure to impress. The graffiti spray design adds an edgy and artistic touch to the bottles, making them stand out from the crowd.

The set includes five 50 ml bottles, each containing a distinct fragrance. Each scent has been carefully crafted to offer a unique olfactory experience. From fresh and invigorating notes to warm and sensual undertones, this travel set has something for everyone. Experience the luxury of Marmara Barber fragrances wherever you go.

At Marmara Barber, we are dedicated to creating high-quality grooming products that cater to the modern man. With a focus on innovation, style, and functionality, our products are designed to enhance your grooming routine and leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fragrances are included in the travel set?

The Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set Graffiti Spray contains five different fragrances.

What is the size of each bottle?

Each bottle in the travel set has a compact 50 ml size, perfect for on-the-go use.

Can I use these fragrances as gifts?

Absolutely! The Marmara Barber 5 Mix Travel Set Graffiti Spray makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Are these fragrances suitable for everyday use?

Yes, these fragrances are designed for everyday use. Their compact size and convenient spray feature make them ideal for travel or touch-ups throughout the day.

Do the fragrances have a long-lasting scent?

Marmara Barber takes pride in the longevity of our fragrances. Each scent has been formulated to last, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite scent for hours on end.