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LV3 Nitrile Gloves (100ct) - Orange Large Large

by LV3
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• PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: LV3 Nitrile Gloves Provide Superior Protection against Various Substances and Come with A Punctures Resistant Material ensuring A Long-Lasting Use.

• STRONG AND DURABLE: These LV3 Large Orange Nitrile Gloves Are Designed for Maximum Protection and Comfort, Allowing for Extended Wear Time without Discomfort or Hand Fatigue.

• LATEX AND POWDER-FREE: Designed for Sensitive Skin, These LV3 Nitrile Gloves Are Latex-Free, Reducing the Risk of Allergic Reactions and Ensuring A Comfortable Fit for Those with Latex Allergies.

• VERSATILE USAGE: These Disposable Gloves Are Perfect for Any Barber, Salon, or Tattoo Environment, Providing Protection against Chemicals, Hair Dyes, and Other Substances That May Cause Irritation.

• CONVENIENT PACK OF 100: We Offer our LV3 Orange Nitrile Gloves in A Convenient Pack of 100, Ensuring You Have Plenty on Hand for Your Business Needs.

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SKU: LEV-L3-GLV-ORANGE-L | UPC: 850016995131

Product Description:

  • High-quality nitrile gloves designed to offer exceptional protection, comfort, and durability.
  • Each box contains 100 gloves, ensuring long-lasting supply.
  • Bright orange color not only adds a vibrant touch but also enhances visibility and safety.
  • Size: Large (fits most hands comfortably).
  • Manufactured with precision to meet the highest standards and provide superior performance.
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications, including medical, dental, laboratory work, janitorial services, and more.
  • Disposable design promotes hygiene and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Textured fingertips enable a firm grip, enhancing dexterity and control.
  • Powder-free and latex-free composition reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Thick and puncture-resistant material offers reliable protection against chemicals, oils, and other substances.
  • Elastic cuffs ensure a snug fit and prevent the gloves from slipping off during use.
  • Easy to put on and remove, allowing for quick and hassle-free use.
  • Designed to be ambidextrous, eliminating the need for separate left and right-hand gloves.
  • Provides outstanding tactile sensitivity, enabling precise and delicate movements.
  • Conveniently packed in a compact box that is easy to store and transport.
  • Complies with industry standards for quality and performance.

Brand: LV3

LV3 is a renowned brand dedicated to manufacturing high-quality protective gear and safety products. With years of experience and a commitment to innovation, LV3 has established itself as a reliable partner in ensuring personal safety and professional success.

The LV3 brand is recognized for its unwavering dedication to delivering products that exceed customer expectations. Each item undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee outstanding performance and reliability. LV3 is trusted by professionals in various industries, including healthcare, laboratories, cleaning services, and beyond.

The LV3 brand prides itself on combining expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials and technologies. The result is a range of products that offer optimal protection, comfort, and durability. Whether in the medical field, industrial settings, or any other environment, LV3 is the brand of choice for those who prioritize safety and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can these gloves be used for medical purposes?

A: Yes, these nitrile gloves are suitable for medical applications, such as examinations, surgeries, and general healthcare practices.

Q: Are these gloves latex-free?

A: Absolutely! These gloves are completely latex-free, reducing the risk of allergies and sensitivities.

Q: Can these gloves be used for both left and right hands?

A: Yes, these gloves are designed to be ambidextrous, allowing them to fit comfortably on both left and right hands.

Q: How many gloves are included in each box?

A: Each box contains 100 gloves, providing ample supply for various tasks and applications.

Q: Are these gloves powder-free?

A: Absolutely! These gloves are powder-free, minimizing the mess and risk of powder-related contamination.

Q: Can these gloves be used around chemicals?

A: Yes, these gloves are made of thick and puncture-resistant nitrile, offering reliable protection against chemicals, oils, and other substances.

Q: Do these gloves have textured fingertips for grip?

A: Yes, these gloves feature textured fingertips that provide enhanced grip, enabling precise and controlled movements.

Q: Do these gloves come in other colors or sizes?

A: While these gloves specifically come in a bright orange color and large size, LV3 offers a variety of other options to suit different preferences and requirements.