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LV3 Nitrile Gloves (100ct) - Red Large Large

by LV3
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• PREMIUM QUALITY: LV3 Nitrile Gloves Are Designed For Optimal Comfort And Durability, Providing Excellent Grip And Tactile Sensitivity.

• VERSATILE USE: Ideal For Barber Set Applications, As Well As Medical, Dental, Automotive, And Other Industries Where Hand Protection Is Essential.

• POWDER-FREE AND LATEX-FREE: Our Gloves Are Engineered To Avoid Allergies And Skin Irritations, Suitable For Individuals With Latex Sensitivities.

• RED LARGE SIZE: Offered In A Striking Red Color And Large Size, These Gloves Ensure A Comfortable And Secure Fit For A Wide Range Of Hand Sizes.

• 100-COUNT BOX: This Set Includes A Box Of 100 Gloves, Ensuring You Have Ample Supply For All Your Needs, Perfect For Both Professional And Personal Use.

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SKU: LEV-L3-GLV-RED-L | UPC: 5.36E+15

Product Description:

Stay protected during various tasks with these Red Large Nitrile Gloves (100ct). These gloves are designed to provide reliable hand protection in a range of industries and applications.

  • Comes in a convenient pack of 100 gloves
  • Made from high-quality nitrile material
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Large

Whether you work in healthcare, food service, automotive, or any other industry that requires hand protection, these nitrile gloves are the perfect choice. With their larger size, they provide a comfortable fit for individuals with larger hands.

Thanks to the use of nitrile material, these gloves offer excellent resistance to chemicals, punctures, and tears. They are more durable compared to latex gloves, yet offer similar flexibility and sensitivity. This ensures that you can perform tasks with precision without compromising on safety.

When it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace, these gloves play a crucial role. They are designed to be powder-free, reducing the risk of contamination and allergic reactions. The textured fingertips provide a strong grip, allowing you to handle objects securely and confidently.

Whether you are working with oils, solvents, chemicals, or other potentially harmful substances, these nitrile gloves offer reliable protection. They are also suitable for individuals with latex allergies, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

Experience comfort, durability, and protection with the Red Large Nitrile Gloves (100ct). Order yours today and keep your hands safe during various tasks.

About LV3:

LV3 is a trusted brand that specializes in providing high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to industries and individuals around the world. With a commitment to safety and innovation, LV3 continuously strives to deliver reliable products that meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and using top-notch materials, LV3 ensures that its products offer exceptional performance and durability. The company's extensive research and development efforts aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions that surpass industry standards and regulations.

LV3 understands the importance of comfort and functionality when it comes to PPE. That is why all LV3 products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed stringent quality control measures. With a focus on user satisfaction, LV3 aims to provide reliable products that offer the utmost protection without compromising on comfort.

Trust LV3 for your personal protective equipment needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with using products from a brand dedicated to your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many gloves are included in a pack?

A: Each pack contains 100 gloves, providing you with an ample supply for your needs.

Q: What size are these gloves?

A: These gloves are available in a large size, offering a comfortable fit for individuals with larger hands.

Q: Are these gloves suitable for individuals with latex allergies?

A: Yes, these nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Q: Can these gloves be used for handling chemicals?

A: Absolutely! These nitrile gloves are designed to provide excellent resistance to chemicals, ensuring your hands stay protected during various tasks.

Q: Are these gloves powder-free?

A: Yes, these gloves are powder-free, reducing the risk of contamination and allergic reactions.

Q: Do these gloves provide a strong grip?

A: Yes, the textured fingertips on these gloves offer a strong grip, allowing you to handle objects securely and confidently.