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Pop Up Foil 200Ct 8X10.75

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by Diane
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SKU: DI-D8304 | UPC: 824703004109

Product: Pop Up Foil 200Ct 8X10.75 from Diane

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  • Professional grade: High-quality Pop Up Foil
  • Easy-to-use: Ready to use pre-cut sheets
  • Quantity: Contains 200 Counts of 8X10.75 foils
  • Brand: Trusted and Reputable, Diane

Diane's Pop Up Foil 200Ct 8X10.75 is an indispensable tool for professional hairstylists and barbers. Designed for convenience and efficiency, the precut sheets make it easy and fast to prepare for hair treatments. The quality of these foils provides an excellent tool for highlighting and other hair coloring techniques.

Diane is a well-respected brand in the professional hairstyle industry. The brand has been producing high-quality and stylish hairdressing tools for over 40 years. They are dedicated to delivering innovative, reliable, and affordable products to cater to the different needs of their customers. Their products are a favorite among professionals because they are durable, suitable for all types of hair, and meet the high standards of professional hairdressers and barbers. These Pop Up Foils maintain the same standard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many foil sheets are in the box?
Each box contains 200 pre-cut sheets.

What are the dimensions of a single foil sheet?
Each foil sheet is 8X10.75 inches in size.

What are these foils used for?
They are used primarily for highlighting and hair coloring techniques. They can also be used for other hair treatment preparations.

Are these foils suitable for all hair types?
Yes. Diane's Pop Up Foils are designed to work efficiently on all hair types.

Is Diane a reliable brand?
Yes. Diane has been in the hair styling industry for over 40 years and is recognized for producing innovative, reliable and affordable hairdressing tools and accessories.