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Lv3 Temporary Hair Color Black

by LV3
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• COMPLETE COVERAGE: The Lv3 Temporary Hair Color Black provides complete coverage for all hair types and textures, ensuring a natural and flawless result.

• EASY TO APPLY: Our user-friendly formula makes application a breeze, simply distribute the product evenly throughout the desired area for a salon-quality finish at home.

• QUICK DRYING: The LV3 hair color dries quickly, allowing you to transform your look in a matter of minutes without the mess or fuss of traditional hair dyes.

• GENTLE ON HAIR: Our temporary hair color is formulated with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, minimizing damage to your hair while providing a rich and vibrant color.

• REMOVABLE: Enjoy the flexibility of our temporary hair color, allowing you to easily remove the color with shampoo and water when you are ready for a change.

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