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The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit (Matte/Barber No21 50ml Cologne / 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades)

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• COMPLETE SHAVING KIT: The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit provides everything you need for an ultimate shaving experience, including a Matte Straight Edge Razor, 50ml Barber No21 Cologne, and 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades.

• HIGH-QUALITY STRAIGHT EDGE RAZOR: The Matte Straight Edge Razor features a durable and sturdy design with an easy-to-grip handle, providing precise and comfortable shaving that eliminates the risk of cuts and irritation.

• REFRESHING BARBER NO21 COLOGNE: Enhance your post-shave routine with our invigorating Barber No21 Cologne. This fresh and lightly scented cologne not only smells great but also helps to reduce skin irritation after shaving.

• PREMIUM DERBY SINGLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES: The kit includes 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades, which offer durability and smoothness. Each blade is individually wrapped for safety and hygiene purposes, ensuring you get a clean and consistent shave every time.

• PERFECT GIFT OPTION: The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit makes a great gift for both experienced shavers and beginners. Treat yourself or someone special to a luxurious and enjoyable shaving experience with this top-quality barber set.

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SKU: B0BNG7X8MM | UPC: 739394797660

Product Features and Description:

The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit
  • Robust Straight Edge Razor: Experience an invigorating shave like none other with our Straight Edge Razor Kit. Built to provide high performance and durability, this razor is your ideal partner in grooming.
  • Matte Finish: The razor boasts a sleek matte finish, ensuring a smooth, comfortable grip during your shave.
  • Barber No21 50ml Cologne: This rich, aromatic cologne completes your grooming routine, leaving you feeling fresh and confident.
  • 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades: Comes with 100 single edge razor blades for a sublime, long-lasting shave.

About the product:

The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit is your ultimate grooming companion. Handcrafted to perfection, this kit comprises a robust straight edge razor with a stylish matte finish, providing the ultimate shaving experience. Each razor is expertly designed to give you that perfect, close shave, minimizing skin irritation and giving you a blemish-free appearance.

The kit also includes a Barber No21 50ml Cologne - a perfect blend of fragrance that renders freshness and energy instantly. This perfect post-shave application leaves you smelling irresistible! To keep your shaving game strong, we pair the kit with 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades. Specifically engineered for precision and comfort, these blades provide an incredibly smooth and close shave.

About the Brand:

Barber Sets is a reputed brand in the grooming industry, providing sophisticated solutions to all your grooming needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that ensure a luxurious and satisfying experience at home. Our product range is expertly designed, keeping in view the modern man's grooming needs. Supportive customer service and high regard for quality make Barber Sets the preferred choice for men's grooming products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the razor easy to handle and use?

Yes, the razor has a comfortable grip and is designed with a matte finish to ensure a smooth shaving experience.

2. How long do the razor blades last?

The longevity of the blades depends on the frequency of use. However, the kit includes 100 blades for ample replacements.

3. Can the razor be used for body grooming?

The straight edge razor is primarily designed for facial hair but it can be used for body grooming, maintaining caution for safety.

4. How strong is the fragrance of the cologne?

The Barber No21 50ml Cologne has a balanced fragrance that leaves you smelling fresh without being overpowering.

5. Are all the components of the kit suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, all components of The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit are designed with customer comfort in mind and are suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.