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The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit (Matte/Barber No24 50ml Cologne / 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades)

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• HIGH-QUALITY STRAIGHT EDGE RAZOR: The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit provides a precise and smooth shaving experience, allowing for ultimate control and precision in your grooming routine.

• MATTE/BARBER NO24 50ML COLOGNE INCLUDED: The barber-styled cologne offers a refreshing scent post-shave and maintains a clean and classic vibe with a modern twist, keeping you feeling fresh all day long.

• 100 DERBY PREMIUM SINGLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES: This razor kit includes 100 premium-quality single edge razor blades, ensuring a long-lasting supply and consistently sharp, clean shaves with each use.

• EASY-TO-USE AND MAINTAIN: The Shave Factory Razor Kit is designed to be user-friendly, easy to clean, and efficient for everyday use, making it an excellent option for both professional barbers and personal users.

• TRUSTED BARBER SETS BRAND: Barber Sets guarantees high-quality, professional-grade products in their grooming range, ensuring customer satisfaction and an elevated grooming experience.

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Product Description

The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit

  • Comes with a high-quality straight edge razor, providing seamless shave every time
  • Included Barber No24 50ml Cologne leaves a refreshing after-shave scent
  • Packed with 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades, ensuring a long-lasting shaving experience
  • The razor is designed with a matte finish, giving an elegant look to your grooming kit
  • An ideal grooming kit both for professional barbers and at-home personal use

Experience the perfect shave with our Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit. The kit of your dreams is expertly designed to cater to every man's shaving needs. It includes a sleek straight edge razor with a matte finish, exuding elegance and durability in every stroke. Enjoy a refreshing after-shave experience with an aromatic punch of Barber No24 50ml Cologne. Make every shave count with the 100 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades that come with the kit, are designed to last and provide a seamless and comfortable shave, no matter your skin or hair type.

Overall, this razor kit puts together the fundamentals for a perfect shaving experience. Discover the secret to an unblemished and comfortable shave, all in one stylish, polished set from Barber Sets.

About Barber Sets

Join the league of professionals with Barber Sets – a leading name in professional grooming tools. We aim to continue the rich legacy of shaving by crafting superior quality products that cater to modern men's grooming needs. Our products are designed to inspire the grooming enthusiasts and barbers to rediscover the art of traditional shaving and flaunt their best look every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is the straight razor kit suited for beginners?
  • Answer: Yes, our Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit is user-friendly and suited for both beginners and professionals alike.

  • Question: How often should I replace the blade?
  • Answer: While it largely depends on your frequency of shaving and hair thickness, we recommend changing the blade after 5-7 shaves for an optimal shaving experience.

  • Question: Can I use the cologne as an aftershave?
  • Answer: Yes, the Barber No24 Cologne included in the kit is designed to be used as an aftershave. It helps reduce any irritation and leaves a refreshing scent.

  • Question: Is the razor's handle easy to grip?
  • Answer: Yes, our straight razor is designed with an ergonomic handle that provides an easy and secure grip for a hassle-free shaving experience.