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The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit (Steel Razor / 300 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades)

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● PREMIUM QUALITY STRAIGHT EDGE RAZOR: The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit includes a high-quality steel razor, ensuring a precise and smooth shaving experience every time.

● 300 DERBY PREMIUM SINGLE EDGE BLADES: Our Barber Sets kit comes with 300 premium-quality single edge razor blades, providing you with long-lasting, sharp and comfortable shaves.

● BARBER-GRADE KIT FOR PROFESSIONAL AND HOME USE: This complete shaving kit is designed for professional barbers and individual users alike, offering superior shaving tools for exceptional results.

● REPLACEABLE BLADES FOR HYGIENE AND CONVENIENCE: The straight edge razor features an easy-to-open blade guard, allowing for quick and safe blade replacements, ensuring your razor stays clean and hygienic.

● STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN FOR COMFORTABLE GRIP: The sleek design of our stainless steel razor ensures a comfortable grip, providing excellent control for a flawless shave.

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SKU: B0BN8GKK9J | UPC: 739394797677

The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit (Steel Razor / 300 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades)

Key Features

  • Durable Steel Razor that provides a clean, close shave every time
  • 300 Derby Premium Single Edge Razor Blades included in the kit
  • Easy to use and maintain, perfect for both professional barbers and personal use
  • Classic straight edge razor design for an authentic shaving experience

Product Description

Upgrade your shaving routine with The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit. This kit offers optimal precision making it ideal for those seeking an authentic barbershop shave at home. It comes with a durable steel razor that has been designed for an incredibly close and smooth shave, and 300 Derby premium single edge razor blades, ensuring you won't run out anytime soon. The timeless straight edge design allows you to achieve an intense closeness to your skin that traditional razors or electric shavers just can't match.

About Barber Sets

Barber Sets is a renowned purveyor of men's grooming essentials. We provide top-quality, professional-grade tools that make it simple to achieve a salon-quality shave at home. Our products are trusted and favored by professional barbers and individuals alike, thanks to our commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship. With Barber Sets, you can have the luxury experience of a professional shave in the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: How often should I replace the blade on the steel razor? A: For optimal performance and hygiene, it's recommended to replace the blade after every 2-3 shaves or once it begins to feel dull.
  • Q: Can I use other single edge blades with this razor? A: Yes, while this kit comes with Derby blades, the steel razor is compatible with most single edge blades.
  • Q: Is the steel razor suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! The razor is easy to handle and comes with a detailed instruction guide for beginners.
  • Q: How do I maintain the steel razor? A: Clean the razor regularly after use with warm water and dry thoroughly. To prevent rust, it's recommended to store it in a dry and clean environment.