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The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit (Steel Razor/Barber No21 50ml Cologne / 100 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades)

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• PREMIUM QUALITY STRAIGHT EDGE RAZOR: The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor is made of durable steel, ensuring a long-lasting and precise shaving experience.

• COMPLETE BARBER SET: Our barber set includes not only the steel razor, but also a 50ml Barber No21 Cologne and 100 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades, giving you everything you need for a perfect shave.

• BARBER NO21 COLOGNE: This refreshing and invigorating scent provides a pleasant finishing touch to your shave, leaving you smelling and feeling great all day long.

• DERBY PROFESSIONAL BLADES: The 100 included single edge razor blades are made by Derby, a trusted and well-known brand in the shaving industry, known for their high-quality products and superior performance.

• PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND BEGINNERS: Whether you're a professional barber or just starting out with straight razor shaving, this kit is perfect for users of all experience levels. Enjoy the best shaving experience possible with Barber Sets.

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SKU: B0BNG7Y67P | UPC: 739394797363

The Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit

  • Quality Straight Edge Razor: Crafted with precision from premium steel; ensuring a smooth and close shave.
  • Barber No21 Cologne: A refreshing 50ml cologne to finish your shave on a fresh note.
  • 100 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades: Quality blades that guarantee a neat and sharp shave.

Experience the ultimate grooming experience with the Shave Factory Straight Edge Razor Kit presented by BarberSets. This comprehensive shaving kit is all you need for achieving a salon-like professional shave right at your home.

Our Straight Edge Razor is designed with superb quality steel for longevity and a precise shave every time. Accompanied by 100 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades, this kit provides an unbeatable solution for your daily grooming needs. Post shave, enjoy the rejuvenating aura of our Barber No21 50ml Cologne. Its distinct scent perfectly rounds up your shaving routine, making you feel and smell great.

At BarberSets, we are committed to offering top-tier grooming products that match the standards of professional barbers. Our products are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How many times can I use a single blade?
    A: We recommend changing the blade after every 3-5 shaves for optimal performance.
  • Q: Can I use the cologne as an aftershave?
    A: Yes, our Barber No21 Cologne serves both as a fragrance and an aftershave.
  • Q: Is the Straight Edge Razor suitable for beginners?
    A: Yes, the razor is designed for both beginners and seasoned wet shavers. However, we recommend exercising caution while shaving.