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Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body

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by Zotos
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SKU: ZO-249504 | UPC: 74469484312

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Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body

  • Perfect for salon level styling
  • Works great on any type of hair
  • Provides long-lasting curls with a natural bounce
  • Suitable for colour-treated, highlighted, and previously permed hair
  • Formulated to minimize the risk of hair damage

Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body is a premium product that opens up endless possibilities to create perfectly styled and bouncy curls at home. Developed by Zotos, a renowned professional hair care and styling brand, this perm solution delivers salon-quality results. It's designed to work equally well on any type of hair including colour-treated, highlighted, and even previously permed hair. This means no more worries about damage or failure - Zotos Quantum Perms has got you covered!

The product contains a unique blend of ingredients that not only ensure perfect perms every time but also care for your hair. The formula minimizes the risk of hair damage, keeping your locks healthy and vibrant. Plus, the result is long-lasting curls that have a natural bounce and body - giving your hair that classic perm look you've always dreamt of.


Zotos is a trusted name in the professional hair care industry. The company has been committed to providing innovative, high-performance products that meet individual hair needs, for years. Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body is a shining example of their commitment to quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this product safe for color-treated hair?

    Yes, Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body is suitable for color-treated hair.

  • Does it work on previously permed hair?

    Yes, it works perfectly fine on previously permed hair.

  • How long do the curls last?

    The results largely depend on your hair type and care routine. However, usually, the curls last for several months.

  • Does it damage the hair?

    Formulated with hair-protective ingredients, Zotos Quantum Perms Classic Body is designed to minimize the risk of hair damage associated with perming.

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